Behind a strong ministry is a great team of men and women who put minds together to produce a great Ministry. When you see the pastoral council now, you might think that it has been so for the past twenty-five (25) years, you are mistaken. “When I came from Zengebe, I looked at all those that were around me then, Pr. Semakula, Pr. Bonny Musoke, Pr. Joshua Zaake, Pr. Nelson Paul Luzinda, Dr. Joseph Serumaga and Ap. Nyonyintono. They were available but within me I believed that they had not yet sucked enough milk from me to be able to start pulpit ministry; So I just brought them before the Lord in prayer, limited their opportunities to minister with intention that they learn and breast feed enough before I would bring them to the fore front in preaching. 
After a long time, those are the men that formed our very first pastoral council”, says Apostle Stephen Senfuma, head of the Pastoral Council and overseer of the Innerman Ministries. 

A number of changes have happened over the years and the pastoral council has kept on changing. Number 
of those that belonged to the first pastoral council have moved out as pastors into branch churches with the exception of Pr. Nelson Paul Luzinda, Dr. Joseph Serumaga and Ap. Nyonyintono Ephraim. 
Today’s pastoral council comprises of nine members; Ap. Stephen Senfuma who is the Overseer, Pr. Favour Senfuma the Head Women’s Ministry, Dr. Joseph Serumaga Head of the Prayer Department, Pr. Nelson Paul Luzinda the Head Marrieds’ department and in charge of Deaths, Prw. Kasozi Robert Cephas, Head of the Youth Ministry, church programing, church radio program and chairperson CDC, Pr. Denis Musoke the children’s pastor and the chairperson pastoral council, Pr. Alex Musana, Pr. Mukuye Gerald the Head of Evangelism Ministry and Ap. Nyonyitono Ephraim the Head of Music Ministry . It takes the guidance of God, a connection of heart with the ministry Overseer and a character that is well groomed and built over a long period of time to mount to a level of being ordained as a pastor. 
Away from that, the pastoral council does not stand on its own. It is backed by a team of departmental heads that 
are always part of the pastoral council meetings. They include Mr. Mutunzi James who heads Administration, 
Events and Human Resource Manager, Mr. Nyanzi Samuel and Mr. Semujju Fred(the-Late) who are in charge of the Church Finances, Mr. Katongole Joshua who is the Head of the Technical department and Mrs. Rose Nyanzi the head of Families and welfare in charge. All these brains are brought together to think and plan for the success of the Ministry. However, a special sect of ministers called the Ministers of Ministers (MOM) was established to support the pastors in ministry.