Conard Sunday has been the Ministry Administrator & Projects Coordinator – Innerman Ministries since 2016 and is happily married to Asha Sunday.

“In a special way, I recognize the existence, support and contribution of our dear radio listeners and the online church to the Innerman ministry. I know we receive the same blessings as you follow us on 107.5 Innerman FM and on various social media platforms; YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp” Conard Sunday

Samuel has been the Church/Ministry Treasurer since 1995 and is happily married to Rose Nyanzi.

“For the past 25 years I have been handling finances and I think this is because I have been considered faithful. The early years from around 1994 were so hard for the ministry financially. But that didn’t stop us from believing that we are
winning because we were handling money was transparent. Much financial difficulties were faced during church construction. It was not a simple task because of the church earnings but it was just a commitment to start”. Samuel Nyanzi