Bishop Stephen(1966-2021) is the vision bearer of Innerman Ministries and God blessed him with a message that has changed people’s hearts in and outside the country.

He was also married to Favour Senfuma who is also one of the Pastors at United Christian Center, Kasubi and heads the Women’s Ministry.

“I can’t separate Work from Ministry. Work and Ministry are the same thing. It is very dangerous to separate your work from being a ministry” Bishop Stephen Senfuma

Pastor Nelson Luzinda: I am 53 years old and a born of Ssanga, Nakukuba – Matugga. I am married for 22 years now. I wedded in 1997 and Bishop Senfuma was my bestman. I lead the marrieds department at UCC and I have led it for 17 years now. Am the external mission coordinator responsible for all UCC branches and all missions done outside the church. I am also responsible for other functions and ceremonies like burials.Nelson Paul has been a Pastor at United Christian Center 1994 and is happily married to Robina Luzinda. Pastor Nelson is also the head of the Married’s department in Innerman Ministries.

“First of all, the revelation and the messages that Bishop came up with were so different from that which was being preached in this nation. All the teachings were about physical and tangible things, but he came up with the message about the Innerman which was so prophetic. A person’s mystery is about how he or she is built from inside, therefore that is our secret as a church” Quote from Innerman Magazine – 2019

Pastor Alex Musaana: He is one of the principled and committed servant of God who will always pursue assigned tasks to completion. He also heads an affiliated bible training college known as Davids’ Discipleship Ministry (DDM).

“Meeting with Apostle Stephen Senfuma was divine” says Pastor Alex Musana.
I became born again in the early 80’s. I had never traded in fish, but I met with Bishop Senfuma as I was looking for fish. I was getting hard times in my finances and wanted to start up a business of my own. So I got a stall in Shauriyako market, I went to Rwampanga town where I spent the night and the following day I went to Zengebe. When I saw him that morning, a flash passed through my eyes. He was a pastor with some of his sheep working as fishermen. He took me to his house, introduced me to his family and later connected me to the people that he knew who dealt in fishing and they helped me get whatever I wanted.

Ebenezer is one of the few interesting words found in the Bible in the original language and then the interpretation after. A few other words are “Ichabod” (The glory has departed from Israel), “Talitha koum!” (Little girl, I say to you, get up!), “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” (My God, my God, for what have you forsaken me?) from our Lord Jesus Christ and then Nehushtan (a thing of bronze) said by Hezekiah. The author of the Bible wanted us to feel the power behind these words to act accordingly. It’s in this regard that I want to share with you a little bit about this great word Ebenezer found in 1 Samuel 12:7.

Pr. Robert Kasozi Cephas: Beloved may the name of God be praised so much. We thank the Lord for the 25 years of UCC ministries and the far the Lord has gotten us, Ebenezer! He has gotten us somewhere, we are somewhere and He is taking us somewhere. I am Kasozi Robert Cephas, married to Kevin Kasozi with children. I am a minister at UCC and I have done a number of activities in different offices depending on the need entrusted to me by my boss. Currently I am the church programmer, a leader of the youth ministry also responsible on what is being broadcast on the radio, 107.5 Innerman FM on behalf of the church. I also lead the ministers of ministers.

Pr. Mukuye Gerald. He is the head of evangelism at UCC Kasubi. He likes calling himself “the moslem’s headache” given his Arabic training and ability to read and interpret the Quran. He is passionate about evengelising to moslems and Arabic Communities. Pr Mukuye is married to Devine Mukuye

Born in Kiboga District, married to Divine with eleven biological and seven adopted children
“I came to Kampala in 1990 having lived a miserable life back in the village. I decided to give my life to Christ hoping to be relieved of my sorrow. Unfortunately, I did not get the desired relief from the churches I first went to.

Ap. Ephraim Nyonyintono: is on the pastoral team of United Christian Center Kasubi with a major to calling build and revive prayer alters. He is one of the few pastors in Uganda who are graced with the ability to establish national prayer alters in Uganda.

Apostle Ephraim ANyonyintono is a born of Kapeeka in a family of 5, he is the only male child of his father. He is married to Mrs. Irene Nyonyintono. As a result of the gospel that was shared at a crusade, he gave his life to Christ in May, 1987 at a teenage age (16years). This happened at the church in Bwaise that was led by Apostle Israel Nsambu.