The future of the Nation is wrapped in the bundles of Destiny- THE CHILDREN. Raising a God fearing generation is the greatest Justice one would ever do to the Nation. As parents, we have the responsibility over every child we bear but the church also has a part to play in the Spiritual impartation on them. No wonder, United Christian Centre has an arena created in which the children are catered for  spiritually and cognitively, that’s “THE CHILDREN’S CHURCH”. Because every child has a different calling upon their lives, they face different confrontations in their journey of life. But then, many may ask, “Who is A CHILD? “A child is a genuine innocent being”, says Pr. Denis Musoke, Children’s Church pastor.

The focus of the children’s church is to Raise Children to the Level Where They Have a Personal Relationship with God and all this is done by the help of the volunteering teachers in the children’s church, the parents and the Pastors in the ministry. The volunteers are taken through training to equip them with the skills of handling the children as they lead and guide them. The volunteers play a great role in managing these children that range between the ages of three to twelve years. Between three hundred (300) to five hundred (500) children attend services on Sundays.

Parents have a great role to play in the lives of the children. Every first and second term school holiday, parents are advised to send their children to the Children’s Conference and at the end of every year to the Annual Inner man Children’s Conference (26th -31st December) so as to scoop their spiritual portion.