Marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman, who have determined to live together as one body for the rest of their lives,” says Pr. Nelson Paul Luzinda, the head of the marrieds’ department at UCC Kasubi. The marrieds’ department was established with a purpose of helping unmarried adults to enter into the marriage institution following the right procedures. Not only that, but also help those already in the institution to walk the journey of marriage according to the God set principles.

Almost every weekend, the marrieds’ ministry has clients that are recruited on board given the several weddings. However, not every pastor has the license to officiate marriage ceremonies. Only those that have been registered with the government have the license to do so. Pr. Nelson Paul Luzinda,Pr. Favour Senfuma, Dr. Joseph Serumaga, Pr. Sakira Ronald and Mr. Fred Patrick Lubega have the mandate to officiate marriage ceremonies at United Christian Centre. Branch Church pastors like Pr. Jude Lukyamuzi, Pr. Zake Joshua, Pr. Semakula and associate pastors like Pr. Dunstan Kagwisa have also been granted the mandate to wed couples from United Christian Centre.
Several spaces to include the Marrieds Fellowship that happens every third Sunday of the month, the Marrieds Outing and the Marrieds seminars have been created.
With challenges that vary from sexual to financial to emotional to cognitive, the Bible does not provide for an emergency exit for one to walk out of marriage for the Lord of Israel says that he hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) rather, the ministry can offer help and counseling to couples so as to overcome the challenges. As UCC celebrates 25 years of ministry, the marrieds’ department celebrates 373…….couples that have been wedded under the roof of UCC Kasubi.