Bishop Stephen Senfuma is born of Mr. Katula Ddamba (RIP) and Mrs. Nakandi. He ended his studies at Primary Six. He is a married man with one wife and eight children. He was a drug addict before salvation; he so much admires to die not tomorrow but today! Since I started to understand, my parents were practicing witchcraft. I remember we were trained in evil worship. When things failed to get better, my mother got married to another man who was a witch doctor. 

We left Bugerere and came to stay at Kasawo at our step-father’s home. My role in the shrine was to play drums not because demons could descend on me but because playing drums was one work I used to do to get money for my school fees.

Q: Where do you get your money from? 
Besides my pastoral role, I do other work. For instance, when God told me to speak whatever I went through, my shame, illiteracy, I started recording my testimony and thereafter I wrote books about my life. I sell all these materials and get good money out of them. So God squeezed juice out of my shame through selling books then I later invested money in land. 

Q: Does the church pay for the work you do? 
Yes, there is a certain amount that the church pays me but I do not determine the amount. The church has elders who determine what everyone can be given and it is in the church records. 

Q: What advice do you give to those who just drop out of school yet their parents are still willing to meetschool costs? 
You cannot be proud of not schooling. To those who never went to school have a wound at heart! So I encourage whoever has a chance to go to school. That is why we started up schools like Inner man primary schools at Kasubi and Zengebe and Stevour Christian High School in Nakaseke to help the children join school.  

Q: What irritates you about people? 
People who do not keep time and those who do not keep promises irritate me. The other thing that has ever hurt me was the children that I raised. It really hurts if you nurture someone as a parent and later abuses you. I know I also hurt them but that really hurts me in life. I love to see the children I nurture grow into great preachers/ministers. That really brings joy to my heart.

Q: How many times are you invited to preach in a year?
Last year (2018) I was invited to over 400 pulpits but I only reached on 278 pulpits. The rest I sent ministers from my team to represent me. So I delight in nurturing people and introducing them to people. 

Q: What do you think are some of the qualities as a leader that have helped you achieve this victory and all those that you lead submit to you? 
One of the things that has helped me is to know it better that I am weak and they are strong and mighty. Therefore, I need these strong and mighty people to come and cover up my weaknesses. The other thing is that I know the one who called; He called me to nurture and uplift. If you are to nurture someone, first know it in mind that one day he or she will be greater than you. Then you will not feel headache because of his/ her achievements. A true parent finds no harm when his children succeed beyond him. That is how I see my team members.

Q: What is your day like at church? 
It depends on the day of the week. I wake up early in the morning with my wife and read the Bible around four to seven chapters every day. On Monday, I attend Pastoral council meetings and after those meetings I go swimming or to the gym. Tuesdays, I come early to church to meet people for counseling. On Tuesday, I meet around 60 to 80 people. On Wednesday, I rest for half a day and in the evening I come for the mid-week service. I gave Thursdays to Stevour Christian High School. Friday, it depends on the arrangement. My busiest days are from Friday to Tuesday. I rarely attend functions especially on Saturdays because I have to prepare for Sunday. I at times don’t attend functions because most people don’t keep time yet that is my biggest problem, but if you keep time, at least I can attend for only 30 minutes. 

Q: How do you manage your work with ministry? 
I can’t separate work from ministry. Work and ministry are the same things. It is very dangerous to separate your work from being a ministry. Ministry and work is all ministry to me. Just divide your time well within your different ministries. Q: What is your social life like? Swimming, even my wife is an expert. Our children love it. I love going to the gym and watching boxing. I got saved but I still love watching fights. I enjoy driving especially when I am tired. I enjoy life so much when I am in good terms with my wife.

Q: We are celebrating 25 years of UCC, what do you say about it? 
We give God the glory for the 25 years. As we celebrate, it is mostly to remind ourselves of how far the Lord has brought us. If you don’t remember where you are from and how far the Lord has brought you, even where he will take you, you will forget it all.